Roundtable of Beijing - The Health System in France and in China

The reform of health systems constitutes a priority in China as in France. On June 5th and 6th, 2010, a Round Table chaired by Mr. Chen Zhu, Chinese Minister for Health, gathered in Peking the French and Chinese experts to discuss the evolution of health systems in France and in China, during three workshops:

  • Debate health/medicine, prevention/care (westerner and chinese medicines)
  • Organization of health systems
  • Financing and organization of the solidarity

Mr. Chen Zhu,  Chinese Ministre for Health and Mr. Zhang Yutai, President of DRC

The French delegation included in particular Professor Jacques Caen, of the Academy of Science, Ambassador Hervé Ladsous, Mr. Raphaël Hadas-Lebel, president of council of orientation of the pensions, Mr. Jean-Marie Le Guen, Deputy and chaiman of the board of the Welfare services - Hospitals of Paris, Mrs Marie de Hennezel, Writer and psychologist, member of the Steering committee of the Observatory of the end of life, Mr. Claude Martin, Councillor to the revenue court, Mr Jean de Kervasdoué, the professor to the CNAM(NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS) and the former Chief Executive Officer of Hospitals, as well as representatives of big companies such as Air France, Sanofi-Pasteur, Groupama, Nutricia, Health Air Liquide, Laboratory Servier.

Roundtable " The Health system in France and in China " in Pékin