Missions and Goals

  • Document the current status of bilateral relations:to this end, inventory existing initiatives and gather useful data on bilateral exchanges in the economic, scientific and cultural fields;
  • Contribute to a genuine understanding between both countries and to a better mutual comprehensionby promoting the creation of original partnership structures for specific projects;
  • Foster dialogue and linksbetween cultural, educational, scientific institutions and territorial and regional communities, as well as between companies, by setting up events that join together French and Chinese partners on intercultural themes.


These missions and goals, based on an anthropocentric vision with the human being at the core and at the root of the world (以人, yi ren wei ben), are translated into an action plan with six main themes:


Education and Curriculum

In order to meet tomorrow’s challenges, educating the next generation of decision makers is vital. Education and curriculum constitute a major priority: young people in Europe an Asia have to be provided with the necessary tools in order to understand an increasingly complex world and build together, European and Asian people, the society of the 21st century.


Sustainable development

Sustainable development is a fundamental transversal theme to which governments and companies, as much as public opinion, are very sensitive today. The Foundation aims at promoting French-Chinese cooperation in fields such as environmental protection, emerging clean energies, and biodiversity.


Changes in society

Tomorrow’s society will be mainly based on image instead of writing. Through what kind of lenses should the world be looked at? How to state a point of view? How to unveil in-depth social life and avoid illusions in the same time? In which way to decipher television, cinema, and digital languages? A common reflexion on these themes is to be undertaken.


Cultural heritage

Cultural heritage is part of a nation’s cultural identity. Its preservation and promotion represent a major challenge for the harmonious development of urban civilisation.



In the context of a deepening dialogue between Western and Chinese traditional medicine, the Foundation wishes to facilitate the exchanges most likely to improve health systems and solidarity networks on both sides.


Corporate culture and entrepreneurship

Businesses are a major melting pot for creating wealth and social bounds. Furthermore, entrepreneurship is a key driver for a dynamic society and economy. The Foundation endeavours to put forth landmarks, particularly regarding patrimonial companies, in order to better grasp the opportunities and threats of a globalised world.