President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing's message


Victor Segalen Foundation was created to foster the consolidation of cultural relations between France and China, and favour the mutual understanding between our two peoples.

Its goals are shared by Chinese authorities for whom culture is a strategic priority.

Therefore, the consolidation of cultural bounds between China and France becomes more necessary than ever in order to sustain the growth of our economic relations on a long-term basis. The action of Victor Segalen Foundation has received a positive welcome from Chinese senior officials.

Corporations are at the core of this project whose success relies on their support and involvement, since the Foundation's vocation is to nurture the dialogue between civil societies from both parts of the world. Large Chinese companies have become aware of their social, environmental and cultural responsability, and are ready to fully perform their role through financial support for cultural initiatives. I am convinced that some of them will join us soon.

Regarding large French companies, whose interests in China have been growing during the past decades, I have no doubt that the most concerned among them will be keen to support this initiative.